Allison Steele

Allison Steele

Phone: 650.362.5230
Fax: 650.362.5275

Allison Steele joined the firm in 2016 after 10+ years in customer service and management. She has always been passionate about impactful marketing and creating personable client connections. From her time as a traveling retail store manager where she would reinvent the wheel for promotions and transactional marketing to fit the needs of the specific demographic to her time as an operations manager planning large scale events to promote the business and ensure client retention. Her experience spans from traditional print advertising and event planning to social media promotion and cross-media marketing.

At Pettinelli Financial Partners, Allison is responsible for coordinating marketing activities, such as client and community events, seminars, and charity drives. She also assists in public relations with the firm’s surrounding communities.

A native to the Bay Area, Allison was born and raised in South San Francisco where she currently resides with her dog, a Chihuahua Terrier mix named Sir Benedict Blanco. She enjoys adventure and taking impromptu foodie road trips to find California’s delicious hidden gems and discover new sights. She is also an avid sports fan with a well-founded love for the San Francisco Giants.

Allison's contact information:

•  Phone: 650.362.5230
•  Fax: 650.362.5275
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